Kara Productions B.V.

“Producing art in every sense of the word”
During the end of the year many of us walked downtown and enjoyed the Christmas decorations without knowing which creative company is the engine behind this festive atmosphere for our community. The same goes for colorful floats during the Carnival parade or art monuments at the roundabout in Brievengat and Barber. Kara Productions produces art in every sense of the word. For decorations made with foam, wood, iron or any other material: ‘Simply imagine it, and we will realize it.’ Without ever making a flyer or launching an official website, the dynamic duo Giovanni Abath and Angelica Abath, for over 7 years already are contributing to the formation of our community through their passion for art. “Many companies have high and low seasons. We don’t know that. The entire year is high season for us. The company grew so fast, Giovanni would have never thought of this. “Angelica is always pushing me. Where I am the creative one, she complements me and makes things happen. And happen fast!” Time management and our family’s contribution are the virtue and pillars of the success of Kara Productions. 

On the question ‘Where will Kara Productions be in 5 years?

 “Not only in Curaçao, but also on other islands in the Caribbean. Because art is everywhere.”

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Management, Marketing, Public Relation, You name it. Angelica is the multi-task person behind the company.From planning the projects till delivery she assist you in every aspect for the project. With a lot of energy and always with a unique Karisma she will be happy to assist you.

Giovanni Abath

Inventor, Artist, Magician, Fabricator, public speaker. Actualy you can not categorize Giovanni. He is one man that fit all professions. From acting in comercials and movies, to fabricating beautiful decorative pieces, He sure is a dedicated bussines man. Known for his Art, his Personality and years of Experience, Giovanni know no limmits with his Work.